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Capitol Hill Murders

   In downtown's Civic Center Park, directly in front of the Capitol Building, a man is stabbed during an altercation.  He later dies.

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   A large fight breaks out on the streets of East Colfax.  Shots are fired, one man is killed.

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   A man is shot and killed in an alley of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood just three blocks from the historic Unsinkable Molly Brown house.

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   Fight with passer-by leads to homicide

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More Crimes on Capitol Hill Confirmed With the DPD

   14th and Penn - Car jacking.  October 2004

   Wash/Pearl alley - 1200 block. While smoking crack a man is shot.  August 3, 2004

   1355 Pearl - shots fired, .45 caliber shell found. August 2, 2004

   1309 Grant - overdose, 2 dead. July 18, 2004

   Assault - 1400 block of Penn. July 2004

   1291 Pearl Street (7-11) - drug bust gun pulled on police (resulted in Public Nuisance action). May 2004

   1470 Grant Street - head trauma from severe beating.  Later died, ruled homicide. March 15, 2004

Unconfirmed Missing Dates
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   1346 Logan - drug bust.

   1400 block of Penn - rape.

   12th and Pearl - shooting, one dead, one injured.

   12th and Clarkson -  two women bludgeoned to death.

   1346 Logan - dead body in alley.

   1275 Pearl Street - shooting results in one person sent to hospital.

Open Air Crack Dealing

Capitol Hill Crack Streets, Denver CO

Just behind the Colorado State Capitol is the diverse neighborhood known as Capitol Hill. In the 1880's, it was the home to Denver's wealthiest families, who built and lived in extravagant mansions. One of the most prominent Denver residents was the most well known Titanic survivor, The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Today her house still stands on Pennsylvania Street and has been converted to a popular museum. This is just one of the many historic landmarks in this area that attract visitors and tourists from around the world.

Unfortunately, during the 70s and 80s this neighborhood experienced a decline in population and an increase in crime. Many of the historic Mansions were converted to multi-unit apartments, and street crime infected the area. Recently, the area has turned over a new leaf and new development has moved in. What has not changed though is the level of street crime and open air drug dealing. There is a core area of this neighborhood that has had such a strong recent history of drug dealing that the city has been unwilling or unable to stop the problem.

Street dealing of crack cocaine has become rampant in this area. Dealers continuously walk the streets in close proximity to what could be some of downtown Denver's most historic sights and promising tourist attractions, unfortunately with the current situation there is great danger in visiting some of these sights due to street crime. Some of the area's most vulnerable attractions include:

  • Colorado State Capitol
  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  • Historic Unsinkable Molly Brown House

This web site is intended to provide news to inform the public and potential tourists of the danger associated with visiting these attractions, as well as expressing the concern of area residents for their safety and dissatisfaction with the city's ability to police and protect the community from this rampant drug dealing.

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